Membership at Seacoast


Membership is a way of saying, "I'm all in." It's a demonstration of your commitment to be a part of this local church. We'd love for you to jump in with us! First Start by reading the Seacoast Constitution & Statement of Faith then Move on to step two.


Membership Process

 1. Download and read the Seacoast Constitution and Statement of Faith | PDF

2. Fill out the membership application | Online Application | PDF

3. Someone will be in touch with you to arrange a meeting with two of our elders to chat about membership.

4. Be presented to the church family as new members (a slide and announcement).




Why should I become a member?

Membership is a way of committing to your church community. You are saying, “I’m part of this family. I want to support this family. I want to be part of something bigger than me. I'm committing to this local family of God.”


What are the "benefits" to becoming a member?

Members can serve in leadership and in different capacities than non-members. When an official vote is required, your vote is counted as a member. Attendee votes are advisory.


How long will I be considered a member?

Until you tell us you are moving, joining another church, or ask to be removed from our membership roles. 


Is membership required for serving or leading at Seacoast?

Many serving roles don't require you to be a member though most leadership roles do require membership.


What is expected of members?

To participate and serve in the local church community in your area of gifting or passion, to financially support the ministry of Seacoast, and to represent Christ where you live and work. 


What happens if I move or join another church?

We encourage you to find a local church family where you can thrive.


For other questions regarding membership, contact us