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The Seacoast JHM exists to connect 7th & 8th grade students to Jesus and to each other. We provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for students to feel safe and loved as they explore who Jesus is and the difference He makes in everyday life.

Join us on

Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 AM

Wednesday Nights @ 7:00-8:30 PM


Wednesday Nights are high-energy fun with age-appropriate topics and teaching to help students discover life in Christ and learn to walk in His ways.

We start by having a large group time where we laugh, have fun, sing, and hear from God’s Word. We then break up into age and gender-specific small groups to have important faith conversations that help us discuss what we’ve just heard and how to live out those truths together! 

We have an awesome team of leaders who lead small groups on Wednesday nights. These groups provide a context for students to build Christ-centered relationships where they can experience being known, loved, challenged, and encouraged as they engage scripture and grow in their love for God and for others.



HUME Banner 2023

Students! Get ready for an amazing week at HUME Lake, 2023! This summer the theme for Hume is Marooned On Trasher Island! This summer’s theme will take place with our main characters exiled on an Island in the Pacific Northwest in the 1940s, being forced to assimilate into this new culture and home they find themselves in or stand firm on their convictions and beliefs. There will be many fun, unexpected twists and turns along the way that we will watch unfold throughout the week as we follow our character study.  Click HERE for more information or to register! Spots are limited.






Robyn Saneff, Student Ministry Assistant


Makayla Haynes 4

 Makayla Haynes
7th + 8th Grade Girls

Justin H 1

Justin Haug
7th + 8th Grade Guys

Evan Merz

Evan Merz
7th + 8th Grade Guys


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