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Message from Pastor Ryan & Leadership Team

November 12, 2020


Dear Seacoast Family,

As you likely know by now, San Diego has moved back into the most restrictive tier as it relates to the Public Health COVID-19 guidelines. This restrictive tier asks churches to conduct their weekly worship gatherings outdoors only. 

After a long heartfelt discussion among the Elder Board, we have decided it is in the best interest of our witness to the community and our love for one another to move our Sunday Gatherings back to “outdoor only” for the remainder of the month of November. (We will re-evaluate this decision the first week of December. ) 

In the meantime, our kids and student ministries will follow the health guidance given to schools that allow them to continue meeting indoors or outdoors with the current safety protocols in place. 

Like many things this year, I know this decision will be met with mixed emotions. As a board we understand the conflicting feelings and we share them with you. In the end, we know when the church gathers indoors or outdoors something special happens. We know where we worship pales in comparison to who we worship and with whom this worship takes place. We believe this inconvenience reminds us of our need for Jesus and the urgency of our mission to bring hope to a lost world. 

I confess that I am fatigued from a year of political divisions, shifting cultural trends, and COVID related obstacles in the church and at home. There are times I just want to return to life before March 2020 but then I am reminded when God shows up, it is never at a time of comfort and prosperity. Throughout history God met His people in times of wandering in the wilderness, longing in exile, and persevering under oppression. 

Perhaps our cultural moment does not rise to the level of desperation of the Church in times past, but I believe our response should be the same. It is now we must remain committed to prayer and repentance as we call out to God to heal our land and to lead our church. 

Someone once said, “God shows up in the places He is wanted.” I want to challenge all of us to take on a posture of prayer as we invite God to “show up” in our homes, our city, and our church. 

Furthermore, I ask that you will pray for the staff and volunteers. I am proud of our staff and volunteer ministry teams that have worked so hard to allow us to meet safely over the past several months. I am humbled by their willingness to adjust plans, to work hard in doing whatever it takes to keep the ministry moving, and to care for as many of you as possible. 

I leave you with a challenge I gave in our very first communication about our COVID-19 response. 

That challenge was/is:

We will be faithful in prayer. 

We will be faithful in service

We will be faithful in generosity. 

Eight months later our call and our challenge remains the same. We need you as much as ever to remain faithful in prayer, service, and generosity. 

With God’s leading we will get through this next challenge. It will be all the more special when we get through it together so let’s reach out to one another and come out stronger than ever before. 



Ryan Rosenbaum and the Elder Board


~ ~ ~

If we can pray with and for you, please reach out. You can find each pastor and staff members’ email address listed here. If you have needs, we want to know about them and do what we can to help. A great way to reach us is info@seacoast-church.org

We believe the church is us, God's people, not a building and not a gathering that only happens on Sunday mornings. We will continue to be the Church as we bring the hope of Jesus to all we encounter. In fact, in moments like these, the Church has an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus brighter than ever before.

So continue joining us by responding in these 3 ways:

  1. We will be faithful in prayer. We will pray that the church would be unified and shine the light of Christ during this dark and difficult time.

  2. We will be faithful in service. Whether it was caring for the sick during plagues, establishing the first hospitals, or caring for orphans, Jesus’ followers have always led with service.

  3. We will be faithful in generosity. When fear and anxiety rule, we tend to turn inward and have a “me first” mentality. Our calling as a church, however, is to be generous in all things. We encourage you to partner with us financially, and let's keep the mission moving.

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In the meantime, let us be mindful of our neighbors and friends who are vulnerable and check in on their well-being often. Let us be compassionate with those who are filled with fear and anxiety and lend a listening ear and offer a loving prayer.

We look forward to gathering with you soon! 



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