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Message from Ryan

Dear Church,

I continue to pray for your health and safety and for your Spiritual lives during this unusual season. 

It seems that every week I am given new reminders that now, as much as any other time in my lifetime, we need hope. We need the hope that comes from the life Jesus gives us. The world needs this hope as well. It needs Christians of all backgrounds to bring this hope as we put the life in the Kingdom of God on display.

During this season of lockdown and community tension it is encouraging to know the church is still making a difference in people’s lives and the church’s mission has not changed. Though we have been unable to gather as we have in the past, we are seeing reminders of the power of the church when scattered throughout the neighborhoods in which we live and work. 

Though we know the church is strong when scattered, we still highly value the benefit when the church is gathered and I am looking forward to seeing the church gathered very soon. In the meantime I encourage you to stay connected, remain rooted in the hope we have in Jesus, and keep praying for God’s power to work mightily in our community. 

I want to share the following pieces of Seacoast news with you:

  • We are in the next phase of reopening as a church!
  • On Sunday, July 5th we will begin meeting in person for outdoor worship services. We are asking everyone to bring their own beach chairs and umbrellas or sun hats. We will use the Plaza to accommodate physically distant seating as we participate in our first “in-person” service.
  • One of the adjustments we are making for the summer months is to adjust our starting times for the services. Our new times are 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM. The main reason for doing this is to create a better experience for the outdoor services. Meeting at an earlier time will maximize the amount of shade for each of the services and provide a more comfortable environment. 
  • For those connecting online, the services will stream at the new times and will be immediately available to watch at any time after the second service.

Please go to respond.church and let us know you will be there this Sunday.

I am grateful for your continued support and for the efforts that many of you are making to live out the ways of Jesus as you bless the neighborhoods in which you live and work. God is still in control and will continue to work through people like you and me to accomplish His plans in our community.


We are praying for you and love you!


Ryan & the Seacoast Leadership Team


~ ~ ~

If we can pray with and for you, please reach out. You can find each pastor and staff members’ email address listed here. If you have needs, we want to know about them and do what we can to help. A great way to reach us is info@seacoast-church.org

We believe the church is us, God's people, not a building and not a gathering that only happens on Sunday mornings. We will continue to be the Church as we bring the hope of Jesus to all we encounter. In fact, in moments like these, the Church has an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus brighter than ever before.

So continue joining us by responding in these 3 ways:

  1. We will be faithful in prayer. We will pray that the church would be unified and shine the light of Christ during this dark and difficult time.

  2. We will be faithful in service. Whether it was caring for the sick during plagues, establishing the first hospitals, or caring for orphans, Jesus’ followers have always led with service.

  3. We will be faithful in generosity. When fear and anxiety rule, we tend to turn inward and have a “me first” mentality. Our calling as a church, however, is to be generous in all things. We encourage you to partner with us financially, and let's keep the mission moving.

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In the meantime, let us be mindful of our neighbors and friends who are vulnerable and check in on their well-being often. Let us be compassionate with those who are filled with fear and anxiety and lend a listening ear and offer a loving prayer.

We look forward to gathering with you soon! 



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We're excited to continue learning and growing together. Sure life might look a little different during this season, but let's continue coming together to feast on God's grace and goodness to us in Christ! 


We believe the best is yet to come!