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Message from Pastor Ryan & Leadership Team

March 21, 2021


Dear Seacoast Family,


We are so grateful for each one of you and continue to pray for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health during this difficult season. 

In light of the declining COVID 19 cases combined with the recent Supreme Court ruling that allows indoor worship in California, many are wondering what this means for Seacoast. 

From the beginning of this crisis, we have been committed to guarding the health and safety of our community, to protecting our witness in the city, and to caring for the spiritual and emotional health of our church family. As we prayerfully move forward with each decision we will remain committed to these priorities. 

With those priorities in mind, we are excited to say, as of March 21st, we have re-openned indoors and are now offering high quality indoor and outdoor worship options.

In the weeks before re-openning, final preparations were made that enhance the safety and the quality of the experience for all who attend our indoor, outdoor, or online worship options. 

Our auditorium has now been equipped with upgraded air filtration and newly installed exhaust fans that will constantly replace the air throughout the room with fresh air from outdoors. 

For those who are more comfortable in the outdoor worship environment, we have installed new audio and visual projection and enhanced seating areas that will improve the overall experience on the plaza. This will not only benefit the outdoor worship experience during this season, but it will enhance the atmosphere on the plaza for years to come. 

And finally, for those of us who still feel most comfortable worshipping remotely, we believe these changes go a long way toward ensuring we have a stable, high quality worship experience that can stream into your home.  We hope circumstances will soon permit everyone to feel comfortable worshiping together in person in some fashion, but in the meantime, we are committed to making your remote experience as positive, as inclusive, and as worshipful as we can. 

We understand the passionate perspectives on all sides of the government guidelines related to the coronavirus and believe the people of Seacoast have an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the unifying power of the gospel among Jesus followers. There is beauty in seeing a body of believers who have different perspectives come together in a spirit of love and grace, and it is a beauty that our world desperately needs to see. 

As we move forward as a church, the greatest witness we can give is the witness that says the love Jesus pours out on us gives us the ability to pour out that same love towards others, especially towards others with whom we may have disagreements. 

As we continue navigating this season, we ask the following: 

  • Please make a point to pray for Seacoast each day. Pray for wisdom for the leadership and pray that God would use this season to refine us and shape us for what lies ahead.
  • Consider joining a ministry team as we work to help people discover life in Jesus. Our hospitality teams, Kids’ Ministry teams, and online ministry teams are great places to jump in. 
  • Pray for your friends who do not know Jesus or who have given up on church and invite them to join you in worship.  

Again, thank you for your continued support. We believe that together we will see God move in ways we have never seen here at Seacoast and we look forward to sharing that experience with you in the upcoming year. 


May you experience the joy of following Jesus!


Ryan Rosenbaum and the Elder Board


PS: About masks. We are thankful for the unity displayed in you, our church family, even with the many opinions on masks. We kindly request "restaurant rules" when entering inside any of our facilities, if you are up and walking around, wear your mask, and when you are seated and stationary, you are free take it off if you are comfortable. Outside at Seacoast masks are not required but we appreciate your sensitivity to others. We like to "mirror" what others do (if you want to talk to someone and they are wearing a mask, have yours on hand and mirror their comfort level).

~ ~ ~

If we can pray with and for you, please reach out. You can find each pastor and staff members’ email address listed here. If you have needs, we want to know about them and do what we can to help. A great way to reach us is

We believe the church is us, God's people, not a building and not a gathering that only happens on Sunday mornings. We will continue to be the Church as we bring the hope of Jesus to all we encounter. In fact, in moments like these, the Church has an opportunity to shine the light of Jesus brighter than ever before.

So continue joining us by responding in these 3 ways:

  1. We will be faithful in prayer. We will pray that the church would be unified and shine the light of Christ during this dark and difficult time.

  2. We will be faithful in service. Whether it was caring for the sick during plagues, establishing the first hospitals, or caring for orphans, Jesus’ followers have always led with service.

  3. We will be faithful in generosity. When fear and anxiety rule, we tend to turn inward and have a “me first” mentality. Our calling as a church, however, is to be generous in all things. We encourage you to partner with us financially, and let's keep the mission moving.

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In the meantime, let us be mindful of our neighbors and friends who are vulnerable and check in on their well-being often. Let us be compassionate with those who are filled with fear and anxiety and lend a listening ear and offer a loving prayer.

We look forward to gathering with you! 



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We're excited to continue learning and growing together. Sure life might look a little different during this season, but let's continue coming together to feast on God's grace and goodness to us in Christ! 


We believe the best is yet to come!