Unstoppable Part 2 - Week 10 - Paul's Mission Begins

March 21, 2021 Pastor: Ryan Rosenbaum Series: Unstoppable Part 2 - A Study in the Book of Acts

Scripture: Acts 13:1–13:12

Even though we have different viewpoints and different backgrounds we are united in Christ!

The Church is a different kind of community with a different kind of message.  

The Church has a different kind of struggle.  The battle is not against a person that we think is the enemy, but it's a spiritual battle.

What takeaways can we have for today?

     * Connect with the Christain community for encouragement, grace, and accountability. 

     * Keep growing in your understanding of the Gospel, so that you can have a deeper understanding of Jesus and His ways.

     * Live on Mission.  If you have found hope in Jesus, be that hope for someone else.