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[New Class] Prophetic Justice: Living What God Cares About

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Every Sunday until January 31, 2021

10:00am – 11:15am

Category: Adults

Join us for a study & discussion exploring the topic of Biblical Justice, what God cares about and what it means for us today. We'll spread out and meet in the CAFE at Seacoast and ONLINE VIA ZOOM (login details below) during the 10am service, Sunday Mornings, January 10-31st.

Week 1:
James Sago will help us explore questions like “God, His People, and the Nations.” Who is God? Who are we? What does God desire for the world? To answer these questions, we need to learn how to "read backwards,” moving from Jesus to the biblical story as a whole. This “looking backwards” explores the biblical story - who God is, what God desires for creation, and who we are as His family. With this foundation, topics of identity, grace, and justice will be explored and contrasted to secular definitions.
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Week 2:
Chelsea Street will explore how all revival in OT and NT was predicated on repentance. We'll look at biblical examples and spend time in collective repentant prayer for ourselves, our church and our city.
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Week 3:
Hayley Lyle will be leading study and discussion on Jonah and the Ninevites as examples of God's unexpected and offensive grace.
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Week 4:
Dave Nichols will lead us to consider other prophetic scriptures that address social justice. We'll discuss their meaning in their own contexts and see how they apply to us in our own day.
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